Why Green Is In

March 17, 2012

With the growing threats of global warming and its effects, people have taken course to save mother earth from complete destruction. However, many do not fully know that human beings are the greatest contributors of earth’s demise. It is also unfortunate that people do not know all of the pollution it had created or caused. They concentrate too much on obvious pollutants and forgot the rest. It is even possible that people are not aware of other sources or kinds of pollutants. Sad but true.

Pollution on the Web

Cars, factories and plants are not the only sources of pollution. A lot may be surprised to know that by the mere usage of their internets they are contributing pollution. Yes, there are pollutants in the web and people must work to lessen if not eliminate it entirely.

Go Green

One way to lessen or eliminate pollution in the web is to go green. But what does “going green” on the web mean?

“Going green” means choosing to be eco-friendly, earth friendly and avoiding those which promote pollution. Ever heard of paperless transactions? In this set up, the company opts for transactions without using paper in their dealings to save more trees. This is pretty much the same with going green on the web.

Take for instance web hosting. Web hosting is a very popular tool nowadays in the internet. Website owners, companies and organizations utilize this mechanism to allow their websites to grow and promote what they have to offer throughout the worldwide web. However, beyond the growth and the promotion, most of these companies are unaware or even uninterested in how their websites are transported to the world. Focus is given only to the end result of the buying of the service.

Green Web Hosting

This should not be the attitude of any company or individual. There is pollution even in web hosting. Most web hosts use non-renewable energy to store, power and transfer their data. Therefore, carbon emissions are produced. CO and CO2 are among the greenhouse gases that destroy earth. So web hosts that have carbon footprints are not eco-friendly and therefor cause pollution. So anyone who is a citizen of this earth must care, know this fact and avoid these web hosts.

On the other hand, green web hosting, like that of mygreenhosting.com, uses renewable energy like geothermal and hydroelectric power to power their servers and to deliver your needs in website hosting. Therefore, they have no carbon footprints or other unhealthy by-products. All it gives you and your website is quality service while taking care of the world for all to live in.

So, choose green! Choose mygreenhosting.com today!


Starting your Online Business

March 17, 2012

There are a number of things that has to be done in order to start your own online business. This task would definitely take up a lot of your time and creative juices so it’s best to be prepared. However, starting your own online business wouldn’t be such a gruesome endeavor if you know the answer to the three W’s.

The What

First thing you have to do is decide what kind of business you are going to put up. This is important whether you start a business in the market or online. In doing this you might want to consider the present trend in business—what’s “in” in the industry or adversely, what is missing. Some businessmen choose to go with the safer path like going with the flow. So they opt for “what’s in” to ensure immediate profits. However, others do not believe this. They’d rather go for what is not yet in the market and be the first to accommodate the need. That way, they create the trend. Whichever of the two you pick is sure that you decide with all you mind and heart. Do not just listen to what others have to say but go with your instincts.

The When

Timing is essential in business. This again applies to both conventional and online business. Observing the trend is likewise important in finding the right time to set up your business. Take into account the stock market, the movement of currencies, the economic rate, the prices of gasoline, calamities and etc. All of these can affect business and therefore can be the reason for the success or failure of your business.

The Where

Choosing the right place for your business is very essential in conventional businesses as the place dictates the market that you can cater to and of course the profits you can earn. That’s why if you want to ensure the success of your business you find the perfect spot for your baby. However, in online businesses you don’t have to find a physical space to set up. All you need is a website. As an online entrepreneur you must know how to create and maintain a website. However, this may be entirely alien to many especially to those born before the age of technology. So for people who aren’t well versed in the internet you must know where to find help. You will need a web host to do all the technical work for you. Opt for green web hosting so that you not only get optimum results for your business but at the same time protect the environment.

Once you have made up your mind, the rest would just follow and your business is on its way to the top. However, learn the world of websites so that you could put your personal touch in it and ensure that your business plans are translated and executed just the way you want it.


Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine 5.5lbs CapacityReview

March 17, 2012

In our fast paced life, nowadays we are often faced with many blunders of life. This includes even household problems. The most common of which that we all encounter every day is our laundry. Yes, I know just how you feel every time you see your dirty laundry. And for people like me, and you, who are always busy and barely have the luxury of time to rest much more do the laundry, we often hope for a little assistance. Laundromats do little help especially when they are located far from our homes. If doing laundry would take too much time with disappointing results, who wouldn’t feel helpless? So just like you, I endeavour to find ways to make my life easier and my laundry cleaner. I thought… washing machine?

So I decided to do a little searching and my search which led me to one interesting product, the Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine 5.5 lbs. Capacity.

The Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine 5.5 lbs. Capacity is a very small washing machine said to be ideal as a second home washer. It usually has a combined color of white, blue and black that goes great with just about any painted walls.

Table of Contents:

  • Product Features
  • Other Reviews
  • Warranty
  • Pro’s & Con’s
  • Affordability

Product Features

Space Saver

The Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine is so small that it fits in just about anywhere whether it is your home, apartment or even dormitory. When I checked out its unit dimensions itswidth is 340mm;diameter is 340mm;and height is 480mm. In short, the product is only a little over one foot in dimension! So it’s perfect especially for those with little room to spare. Plus it is likewise easy to store.


However, this washing machine is not only small, it’s also lightweight. Of course, it is not as light as a feather but it’s consoling to know that it’s only 6kg (13.2lbs) in weight. Therefore, you could definitely take this product anywhere. You can even put it on top of your kitchen counter with little fuzz. This is also ideal to bring in dormitories or even when you travel. So you wouldn’t have to go to laundromats.

Load Capacity

As I have already said earlier, this washing machine is small therefore it is also ideal for small loads. It can only handle as much as 5.5 pounds. If you belong to a large family this washer will not be able to handle your laundry all at once. However, this machine is perfect for your delicates and it perfectly cleans them too. You can also do multiple loads to accommodate you needs. You don’t have to worry about using too much detergent as this washer works wonders even with little detergent per load. So if you want to put special attention to you undergarments, socks, shirts, etc. the Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine can do the work for you.

Other Reviews


At present this product has an average customer review rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars and ranked number 1 in appliances (washers & dryers). It is therefore undeniable that a lot have appreciated the wonders of this product.


Here are some of what others have to say:


“A real 5 star alternative to coin-op machines”


“Exactly what I needed!”


“I love it!!!”


“It’s the best!”


“Great for baby clothes and more!”


“Awesome, get one!”


“You have to get one!!”


“Fantastic mini washer!!”





The Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine comes with a 6-month warranty so you can contact the manufacturer for any complaints or defects.


Pro’s & Con’s


The Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine is very easy to set up as it’s small and light. You can even set it up on top of your kitchen counter. This way you can easily fill it up with water when you do your laundry or drain it after use to your sink.

It is likewise easy to use you just plug it, fill with laundry, water and detergent then set the timer. Washing therefore is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

This washer does not also use too much water so you save a lot on your bill. Furthermore, you also help the environment by conserving water.

The product does not also require much detergent but it still cleans clothes excellently. So you do not have to spend much on buying detergent soap and still have that clean laundry you desire.

Its agitator or pulsator is also made of good quality such that it does not damage delicate items washed. It cleans clothes well and keeps them looking new.

Finally, this washing machine stores easily. So finding space for it is never a worry.


There are not many complaints about this product except for these few.

Most common of which is that the product does not have a spin cycle so clothes come out quite wet and you have to manually wring them by hand.

In addition, you have to do many small loads to accommodate your laundry. However, it must be noted that although the loads are smaller the clothes come out perfectly clean and smelling fresh compared to other washers that have bigger capacity but could not clean clothes just as well.


The Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine is normally sold at prices ranging from $99 to $150 and subject to shipping charges. So it is more than affordable compared to other washing machines in the market which could be as much as $200 or even more.

Visit Amazon to know more of what others have to say about this product. And in case you decide that Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine is perfect for your needs and your budget, purchase it at Amazon. Simply type on a new browser www.amazon.com or click on this link.


HOTPOINT WMD962P Washing Machine Review

March 17, 2012

I was in an appliance shop the other day when I saw various brands of washing machines. Each of these brands has their own set of models to offer. All of them have their own distinct features. I took time to examine a few of these brands and it made me think, which is the best? After scanning the labels of various washing machines, I had to leave as I felt overwhelmed by the amount of information and terminologies I had come across. This made me realize that it’s no joke shopping for appliances like washing machines. I know that a lot of people out there are trying to find the best washing machine in the market but is having a difficult time. So I’ve taken it upon myself to do a little research to help you guys out.

I started by finding the most in demand washing machine model in the web today and I came across Hotpoint WMD962P Washing Machine. Let me enlighten you on why it is most popular in the web.

Table of Contents:

  • Product Features
  • Warranty
  • Pro’s & Con’s
  • How much is it?
  • Other Reviews

Product Features

Size &Capacity

The HotpointWMD962P Washing Machine has a big wash load capacity and can actually handle to wash as much as 8 kg of dry laundry in just one cycle. When you measure its size you will find out that it’s as tall as 85.0cm; as deep as 61.0cm; and as wide as 59.5cm. These dimensions are the typical size of a conventional size washing machine these days.

The large capacity of Hotpoint can save you a lot of time and money since you can wash all of your laundry in one cycle and for a lesser time thereby saving you from an expensive electric bill.

Water & Consumption

This product requires cold water only compared to other brands. Hot water alone would be too hot for most washes, so to temper it cold water is added to cool the temperature. However, in a cold fill, such as this product, the water is heated by the machine itself. This means that you do not have to waste more water just to regulate the temperature and saves you time as well.

What’s more, this washer only uses 69 liters normal water consumption for a 60 degree wash, definitely economical use of water. It also has an auto half load feature. The machine automatically adjusts the level of water for smaller loads. So don’t have to worry that you used too much water as the product thinks for you. Definitely no water is wasted.

Energy Efficiency

In buying a washing machine or just about any appliance, consideration must be had on its energy efficiency. One of the best ways to know this piece of information is to check out the Energy Guide sticker stuck usually at the back of a product. This will give the consumer an idea of how energy efficient the appliance is although it will not provide for a detailed answer as to how much energy will be consumed.

The HotpointWMD962P Washing Machine has been given an A+ grade energy efficiency [Graded on a Scale of A – G (A being the best)] as shown in their Energy Guide sticker.This will give you an idea that this product is actually more than efficient compared to other products.

This product usually consumes about 1.36 kW/hr. energy. It must be noted that the lower the figure the less electricity it uses.

And to save a little more this washing machine also has a time saver feature that permits you to reduce the standard time of some programs according to your needs. Not only that it saves you time but lessens your energy consumption as well.

16-Program Feature

This washer is so great that it even has a 16-program feature especially made to suit your particular washing needs. You get to choose from the pre-programmed features to accommodate your need and preference. For extra quick washes, you may opt for the 30-minute quick wash program. If you desire a cost-efficient wash then go for the economy wash which uses a lower temperature thereby giving you lesser cost and savings. For your delicate items like silk, choose the silk wash option for an extra low temperature wash that is surely gentle on your silks. The quick wash will be best for lightly soiled articles and can be washed between 30-40 minutes. There is also an option for extremely soiled items. The intensive wash option is a longer wash cycle that is set to clean the dirtiest of laundry. These are just some of the programs you get to choose from.

As an added convenience, the Hotpoint WMD962P Washing Machine also has a memory function that remembers the programs you frequently use.


The Hotpoint WMD962P Washing Machine is covered by a manufacturer warranty for 1 year.

Pro’s & Con’s


Apart from the features already mentioned above, the Hotpoint WMD962P Washing Machine still has so much to offer.

Not only is it a large capacity washer, energy efficient, a water saver and has a multiple wash options but it also has a reduced creasing system that makes ironing easier. Clothes that are washed in this product are protected from too much creasing so as to facilitate your ironing later. You wouldn’t have to exert too much effort in ironing clothes. This again saves you time and lessen your electric bill.


This product has received a grade of A in wash performance as graded on a Scale of A – G (A being the best) and likewise a grade of Ain spin efficiency as again rated on a scale of A-G (A being the best), thus ensuring you that this product is of high quality.



Like other washing machines, the Hotpoint is not that quiet although compared to other washers it is rather quieter. It creates a noise level of around 56 decibels. I tried to find out how loud this can be and I came across an answer at answers.com that talks about how loud 57 decibels is. It stated that 57 decibels is comparable to the noise that a high speed toothbrush makes or the low setting on an alarm clock or telephone. It can be loud enough to wake you up.” Considering this, we could therefore say that it’s a little less noisy. However, this is not conclusive to all as some might have a higher tolerance for noise. So what maybe noisy to me is not at all noisy to you. All in all, this product makes a much tolerable noise than the others.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_loud_is_57_decibels#ixzz1o9z6mHTQ

How Much Is It?

This product is available at a number of online shops and can be as much as £349 to £410 but usually is free of delivery charge.

Other Comments

95% of reviewers at very.co.uk said they would recommend this product to a friend.

Here are some other comments about Hotpoint WMD962P Washing Machine:

“Excellent washing machine!”

“I use my machine every day and i could now not be without it. It washes well, spins quietly and is worth its weight in gold!!! would certainly buy again!!!”


“This machine is so simple to use and is very quiet in operation. The custom settings on it are brilliant as you can get the machine to do what you require. As for any faults with this machine as of yet we haven’t found any!!”


There’s just so much to like about this product that’s why a lot has chosen to make it their household partner. If you are one of these people and you are interested to know more about Hotpoint WMD962P Washing Machine, its features, reviews, price updates or you just want to purchase this product right away simply visit www.very.co.uk now!

Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

March 17, 2012

My best friend, a nurse, together with her family had just move in at their new apartment and she asked me to help her out in finding a reliable washing machine for them to buy. They are a family of four, two of whom are their kids ages 4 and 3. I know how important it is to her to find the best washing machine as she is constantly faced with so many laundry especially that she has kids. However she does not usually have the time to go to laundromats because of her work schedule at the hospital. Having in mind my best friend’s predicament, I surfed the web for the ideal washing machine.

There are so many choices in the market nowadays but one product had captured my interest—the Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer.

Table of Contents:

  • Product Features
  • Child Friendly
  • Cost
  • Pro’s & Con’s
  • Product Dimensions
  • Reviews

Product Features

Compact Washer

The Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer is a compact little washer that can accommodate as much as a 6-pound load. It is big enough to handle your every day laundry. It has a 1 cu. ft. stainless steel tub of which the laundry is placed. Ans is ideal for starting families or bachelors alike.

3 Water Levels and 3 Wash Cycles

This product has an easy to use setting. It has three water levels namely, high, medium and low levels. It also has wash cycle choices from heavy, quick to normal. So you could easily pick whatever suits your needs. When you have a smaller and not too soiled load then opt for the quick wash cycle and the low water level that way you finish your laundry quicker but still with optimum results. If you think the water level is too low, simply push the water level button and the machine will add more water into your laundry. You get to choose according to your requirement.

End-of-Cycle Signal

The Haier is also equipped with an end-of-cycle signal that beeps to inform you that your laundry is done. So you could do more things while doing your laundry. And this ensures that you do not forget that your machine is still plugged in. Therefore you save on electricity.

Smooth Rolling Casters

This product has a built in smooth rolling casters that makes this machine so portable. You can easily move it from one spot to another without you exerting too much effort to carry it. In addition to that you would not have to worry storing it as you could simply drag it into your closet. It is convenient and smart.

Child Friendly

Most mothers if not all usually fear that their children will have an accident involving the washing machine. That is why, they commonly choose to buy machines that are child friendly or that have safety features against child accidents. The Haier is the perfect washer for mothers and their families especially those with very young children. Although this product is a top loader or that its opening is located at the top of the machine, it still poses a danger to children. Unlike other products the Haier automatically stops every time its lid is opened.The product only continues its wash cycle once you have closed the lid. This is to ensure that your children would not be hurt by the pulsator inside the washing machine. This safety feature is even for adults too as accidents choose no age.


You can buy the Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer at the affordable price of $200-$300 and it usually comes with a quick-connect sink adapter.

Pro’s & Con’s


The Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer can wash as much as 6 pounds of laundry at one time. It may not sound not that much but you will be surprised at how much laundry you can put. You could put as many as 8 shirts and there would still be room for more.

The product is also so easy to operate as its control panel is not that complicated. In fact there are only a few buttons to push to accomplish the desired results. It comes with a water level button, wash cycle button, power switch and the start button. Now that’s simplicity.

This washing machine works so quietly compared to other washers. It is hard to notice that you are even washing from another room.

The Haier also has a built in rolling casters to ensure portability of the washing machine. Now you may choose to wash by the kitchen sink or even in your bathroom. It is all up to you and you would not have to break your back to do that. Plus you could easily roll away the washing machine into the closet after use.

Most importantly it is equipped with a safety feature. The machine automatically stops washing or spinning when its lid is opened. It likewise automatically continues operating after you have closed the lid. Definitely, you and your kids are safe from any washing machine related accident.


The usual complaint about the Haier is the noise it creates when washing. However, most if not all is due only to a coin stuck in the machine. In case you hear a strange noise when operating your washing machine, check whether coins are stuck in it. That might just solve the problem.

Product Dimensions

This product has a dimension of 36 x 23.2 x 23.2 inches.


The Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer is currently number 2 in Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank in appliances and has received a 4.3 out of 5 stars in the average customer review.

Other reviews are as follows:


“A Lifesaver for Apartment Living!”


“Great purchase”


“im in love!!,”


“best lil washer in the world!!!!”


“great for small spaces”


“Nice size..Works Great”



The Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer is currently available at the Amazon. To get a better glimpse of this product kindly click on the link or type www.amazon.com at a new browser.




GE GTWN4000MWS 27 wide, 3.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity Top Load Washer, White Review

March 17, 2012

I was browsing the internet to find a great washing machine for my mom. She is very meticulous about cleanliness most especially when it comes to clothes. She is also very particular on how clothes will be washed; how long it will be washed and what will be used to wash them. So I was looking for something that is efficient but at the same time old-fashioned since my mom is very traditional and sentimental. She does not even want to let go of our family washing machine had it not broken down. I understand her though as new things like technology is quite alien to her as to almost all older people simply because they are not used to it. So it usually takes up most of their time to learn to operate gadgets. This is the reason why, I am banking on old-fashioned type of washing machine. I think that an efficient yet old-fashioned washing machine will be a more than perfect gift for mom that she will truly love.

I have to say that finding just that though is not easy. And so I was very happy to come across a product from GE—the GE GTWN4000MWS 27 wide, 3.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity Top Load Washer, White. I looked up its specifications and found out a number of attention-grabbing information.

Table of Contents:

  • Product Features
  • Product Dimensions
  • Pro’s & Con’s
  • Is It Affordable?
  • What Others Have to Say
Product Features

Rotary Electromechanical Controls

The GE GTWN4000MWS 27 wide, 3.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity Top Load Washer is a modern-day washing machine that has opted to employ outdated features in a good way. One of which is the rotary electromechanical control installed in the machine. Unlike the latest and most high-tech washing machines that uses touch screen controls or LED lighted buttons, this GE Top Load Washer had chosen to retain their rotary controls. Nevertheless, this kind of control is rather easier to use and manipulate since all you have to do is twist the knob to the setting that you have chosen. It is therefore very user-friendly.

4 Wash/Spin Speed Combinations

Though this product uses a rotary electromechanical control, you still have so many options to choose from when you wash your clothes just like other modern washers. It has 4 wash/spin speed combinations to choose from according to your specifications. The washer alternates spin speeds for greater clothes care. So you get to decide what is best for each load of laundry that you wash, most importantly your delicates.

Hydro Wave Wash System

This technology found in the product controls the flow of water in the clothes for better cleaning action but is at the same time gentle on them. You could pick the longer or slower options according to each wash load.

Product Dimensions

25.5 x 27 x 42 inches (DWH)

Pro’s & Con’s


The GE GTWN4000MWS 27 wide, 3.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity Top Load Washer is a top loading washing machine therefore it is gentler on your back compared to the front loading type. You would not have to bend over just to put in or get your laundry out of the machine.

It is also user-friendly as the controls are the old fashioned type. The rotary electromechanical control allows you to choose from the various wash and spin combinations by simply twisting its knob. It is perfect for older people or those who are not into modern gadgets.

The product also features a variety of wash and spin speed combinations you can choose from for your every washing needs. So you are assured cleaner clothes inside and out plus the right care for your delicates and other clothes.

It likewise has bleach and fabric softener dispensers that automatically mix with wash water the right amount of bleach or fabric softener depending on your laundry requirement. You save on the amount of solutions placed so you are guaranteed savings. I also love the fact that it does not require you to use special detergents that are so expensive. An ordinary detergent would suffice.

What’s even better is that it has wash/rinse temperatures. It allows you to pick the ideal temperature for better washing results. Clothes come out sparkling clean.


Like some washing machines, the only thing that is not perfect about this product is the noise it creates. However, the noise is so tolerable it should not be a problem at all.

Is It Affordable?

The GE GTWN4000MWS 27 wide, 3.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity Top Load Washer, White is commonly sold at $450-$500 and is subject to shipping charges depending on you location. It is a bit expensive but surely it is more than worth it.

What Others Have to Say

The GE GTWN4000MWS 27 wide, 3.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity Top Load Washer, White has been rated 5.0 out of 5 stars on the average customer review of the Amazon.

Quoted below are some reviews on this product:

“I read the reviews of this machine and I researched at least twenty different washers. I purchased this one and could not be happier! It is quiet, it is efficient, it does an excellent job of cleaning the clothes, it allows me to tailor the cycles with ease, and it does not require special detergent–a savings! The other reviewers say it more completely…and I agree: it’s a very good washing machine!”

“By the way, not only is this washer fast and thorough, it is also the quietest washer I ever (almost) heard. You can barely tell that it’s on. Spin balance is also excellent – no out of balance rumbling. Please GE – don’t every change this washer. You can’t improve on perfection.”

Do you want to know more of what others are saying? Then visit the Amazon to read all the reviews posted regarding this product.


Where Can You Purchase the GE GTWN4000MWS 27 wide, 3.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity Top Load Washer, White?

You can purchase this product online through ajmadison.com. Do visit their website for the best deals simply click on this link www.ajmadison.com


Amana 3.5 -Cubic Foot Front Load Washer, NFW7300WW, White Review

March 17, 2012

I work long hours every day and I usually am too busy if not too tired to go to a laundry to wash my clothes. And for some time I have settled with the so-so cleanliness that I get from coin operated laundry machines. However, I can no longer deny that I am absolutely fed up with it. This made me wonder if I am really saving some dime in going to the laundry twice a week just to wash my soiled clothes and sheets. So one night, I sat in front of my laptop and browsed through the internet. I came to encounter a product by the name of Amana 3.5-Cubic Foot Front Load Washer, NFW7300WW, White. I then began to study its specifications and come to a realization that maybe this is the solution to my laundry problems.

When my day off at work came, I went at a nearby appliance store and checked in person the said product. I think I fell in love right then and there with the Amana 3.5 -Cubic Foot Front Load Washer, NFW7300WW, White that’s why I just have to share with you what I have discovered about this product. Continue to read on to know if this machine is also a match to you.

Table of Contents:

  • Product Features
  • Warranty
  • Pro’s & Con’s
  • How Much
  • Reviews
Product Features

3.5 cu. ft. capacity

The Amana 3.5 -Cubic Foot Front Load Washer can wash a king size comforter with ease because of its 3.5 cu. ft. capacity. This means that larger loads can fit into the washer so you definitely can save more time by doing lesser number of washes. It has 6 cycles and 2 options to choose from since the product was designed exactly for you.

Energy Star Qualified

This product is Energy Star Qualified. It uses 73% less water and 76% less energy compared to other conventional top load washers. It is therefore earth-friendly.

Energy Star is a united effort of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to aid us in saving money while protecting our surroundings by means of energy efficient products. It is a way to avoid the harmful greenhouse gases that have been damaging the world we live in.

Even Spin Vibration Control System

The Even Spin Vibration Control System is the technology used by the Amana which steadies the wash basket during the wash cycle to lessen any vibration or noise created by the washing machine. With that you could now do other things while doing you laundry as you would hardly notice that the machine is running. A quieter laundry session is guaranteed.

Stainless Steel Wash Basket

The wash basket inside the Amana 3.5 -Cubic Foot Front Load Washer is made of stainless steel so you are assured that it is made of high quality. This further ensures better performance of the machine for a longer period of time. And since it is stainless steel, you would not have to worry about rust in the washer itself so your clothes are safe and stain-free.

Touch and Go Electronic Controls

The product is likewise equipped with an easy to use control panel. This simplifies washing by making it easy to do your laundry and go about with your other obligations. Just push the buttons to pick a wash cycle and other choices. Your laundry will be done before you know it.


The Amana 3.5 -Cubic Foot Front Load Washer is covered by a Limited One Year Warranty, to wit:  Parts and Labor – For one (1) year from the original retail purchase date, any part that fails in normal home use will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Refer to amana.com or the individual product Use and Care Guide for warranty details.

Pro’s & Con’s


This product can handle to wash your many laundry even your king size comforter because of its 3.5 cu. ft. capacity. So more laundry can fit into the basket therefore, lesser time will be spent washing clothes.

The Amana is also earth-friendly and is Energy Star Qualified. It uses lesser amount of water and energy so you get to help our environment.

It is likewise a silent washer as it uses an Even Spin Vibration Control System which balances the wash basket inside the machine every time you wash your clothes. Lesser noise is created no one will notice you are doing your laundry, including you.

Add to that, it is also easy to use. You simply have to push buttons and your laundry is on its way. You do not have to stand by and wait for it to finish. You can proceed and do what you have to do.

The Amana also has a detergent, bleach and fabric softener dispenser. Say goodbye to measuring as it automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent, bleach or fabric conditioner at the right time regardless of whatever load cycle you pick.

And finally, the Amana has an add-a-garment indicator that tells you when it is safe to add your dirty laundry in the washing machine. This is especially created to aid people going about their business and have the tendency to forget things.


The most common complaint about this product is that it is quite hard to set up. However, this usually applies only to those who are not into machines or the like. In case you experience this consider asking help from people who knows how to assemble the washing machine.

How Much Is It?

The Amana 3.5-Cubic Foot Front Load Washer, NFW7300WW, White is usually sold at $600-$700 and may be subject to shipping charges depending on where you plan to purchase the product.




The Amana has an average customer review rating to 4.2 out of 5 stars and ranked number 4 in Amazon’s Bestseller Appliances.


Below are some of the reviews given by customers:


“Check out this great high-efficiency washer in our video review!


“Nice machine for a great price”


“Great washer!!”


“Easy to use washer @ a GREAT price!”


“Clean Up with this Washer”





Go check out www.amazon.com to find out more about the Amana 3.5-Cubic Foot Front Load Washer, NFW7300WW, White and purchase this product today to avail of the discount offered.


Electrolux EIFLS55IIW 4.2 cu. ft. Front Load Steam Washer – IQ-Touch Control Island White Review

March 17, 2012

I was at my friend’s house today when I noticed their dirty laundry waiting to be given attention. They have so much laundry that it made me think how they actually manage it. It seems like an endless case of washing. Unable to contain myself I approached my friend and inquired upon her exactly how they manage this seemingly endless ordeal. She told me that she can hardly cope with all their laundry and usually have to be content with the poor washing quality of washing machines or laundromats. I felt pity towards her so I decided to help her in any way I can and this desire of mine led me to search the web. I found an intriguing product by the name Electrolux EIFLS55IIW 4.2 cu. Ft Front Load Steam Washer-IQ-Touch Control Island White. Intrigue just as I was? Here is my review of this product which I hope could help people like my friend, who are looking for a perfect laundry partner.

Table of Contents:

  • Product Features
  • Eco-friendly
  • NSF Certified
  • Steam Washer
  • Pro’s & Con’s
  • What Others Say

Product Features

4.2 cu. ft. Capacity

The Electrolux EIFLS55IIW 4.2 cu. ft. Front Load Steam Washer is an ultra-large capacity washing machine perfect for large loads of laundry. It is most suited to be used by large families who produce a whole lot of dirty laundry. It is likewise the best washer for big items like comforters, bed sheets and so much more. For typical users, you could definitely do your laundry in just one wash. Everything fits in just one load and this product washes and dries clothes. So much time that you can save with so little effort. It is the ideal partner for housewives.

Front Load System Washer

This product has its opening or loader located in front of the machine. So it is very easy to put your laundry in. Moreover, the lid is made of plastic transparent material that allows you to see how your clothes are washed and dried. It also has this touch-2-open door option.

18-Minute Washing/Drying Time

The Electrolux EIFLS55IIW 4.2 cu. ft. Front Load Steam Washer cleans clothes very well and dries it fast too. The washing or drying time could be finished in just 18 minutes! Before you know it, it’s already done! This product is truly dependable.

Perfect Balance System

The Perfect Balance System is the innovation of Electrolux that ensures that oversized wash loads are balanced for smooth, quiet operation. It makes sure that all the laundry is washed accordingly and it comes out clean.


Dimensions: (WHD) 27 X 38 X 31 1/2 in.




This product is eco-friendly. It is gentle on the environment and your clothes. Its wash cycles are energy efficient by 75% or more and it likewise saves more than half the amount of water used in typical washers.


NSF Certified


The NSF is the National Sanitation Foundation International that develop protocols to test and certify clothes washers at home to guarantee that they successfully sanitize laundry. The protocol requires that machines are tested to make sure that it removes about 99.9% of test organisms when the sanitization cycle is opted. And there must not be any transfer of test organisms between loads once the sanitization cycle is utilized.


So to know whether your machine has passed the protocol requirements, look for the NSF Mark. The Electrolux Washing Machine has been issued a certification from National Sanitation Foundation Incorporated as shown in the sticker stuck at its back.


Steam Washer


What is the difference between steam washers and ordinary washers? They differ in a lot of ways. Ordinary washers use more water in every load to be able to clean clothes. It would require about more or less 40 gallons of water. On the other hand, steam washers would only need about 15 gallons of water in each load and would add steam in the cycle to clean and disinfect gently your delicate clothing.


In a steam washer, clothes are manipulated by the rotating washing drum. It does not have an agitator commonly found in ordinary washers. It uses steam or water vapor to wash and clean clothes at the same time. Some ordinary washers also disinfect clothes however this is done by incorporating very hot water directly into your clothing thereby endangering or causing damage on them.

 Pro’s & Con’s


The Electrolux EIFLS55IIW 4.2 cu. ft. Front Load Steam Washer can accommodate large laundries like comforters and other large items. It can also wash typical home laundry in just one wash thereby saving you time and energy.

It also uses advanced technology because of its steam washer feature. As compared to ordinary washing machines, this product use steam to clean clothes thoroughly while sanitizing it at the same time. Therefore, you are guaranteed cleaner and bacteria-free clothes every time.

The Electrolux is so efficient it can wash your clothes in as quickly as 18 minutes and dry it in 18 more minutes no matter how large your laundry is. Clothes come out clean and dry!

It is also so easy to use as it has IQ-touch controls that sets out all the wash options you will need. It even has a “My Favorite” setting that recalls your commonly used or favourite wash setting. A “Last Cycle Recall” feature can also be found in this product that ensures swift operation of the Electrolux.

Moreover, this washer has an automatic water level adjustment that makes sure that no water is wasted in every wash. You only use enough water to clean your clothes. Talk about a water saver.

Most importantly it is NSF Certified which means that the Electrolux EIFLS55IIW 4.2 cu. ft. Front Load Steam Washer is guaranteed to clean and sanitize clothes effectively removing 99.9% of organisms.


There is hardly any complaint in this product except perhaps that it’s a bit costly. It could be as much as $800 to $1000. However, most if not all agree that the expense is more than worth it.


What Others Say

The Electrolux EIFLS55IIW 4.2 cu. ft. Front Load Steam Washer – IQ-Touch Control Island White has been given an average customer review rating of 5 stars at the Amazon.

Here’s what others have to say about this product:

“a washer with all the bells & whistles”

“Great Product! Cleans Great! Great options!”


If you’re looking for a washing machine that will be gentle on your clothes but tough on dirt and germs then then Electrolux EIFLS55IIW 4.2 cu. ft. Front Load Steam Washer – IQ-Touch Control Island White might exactly be for you. For more details about this product please do visit www.amazon.com today.


It alls Start with God

September 24, 2007

For everthing, absolutely everything,
above and below, visible and invisible,…
everthing got started in him and
finds its purpose in him.
Colossians 1:16(Msg)

Unless you assume a God, the question
of life’s purpose in meaningless.

It’s not about you.
The purpose of your life is far greater your own personal fulfillment, your peace of mind, or even your happiness. It’s far greater than your family, your career, or even your wildest dreams and ambitions. If you want to know why you wer placed on this planet, you must begin with God. You were born by his purpose and for his purpose.
The search for the purpose of life has puzzled people for thousands of years. That’s because we typically begin at the wrong starting point–ourselves. We ask self-centered questions like What do I want to be? What should I do with my life? What are my goals, my ambitions, my dreams for my future? But focusing on ourselves will never reveal our life’s purpose. The Bible says, “It is God who directs the lives of his creatures; everyone’s life is in his power.”
Contrary to what many popular books, movies, and seminars tell you, you won’t discover your life’s meaning by looking within youself. You’ve probably tried that already. You didn’t create yourself, so there is no way you can tell yourself what you were creadted for! If I handed you an invention you had never seen before. you wouldn’t know it purpose, and the invention itself wouldn’t be able to tell you either. Only the creator or the owner’s manual could reveal its purpose.
I once got lost in the mountains. When I stoppped to ask for directions to the campsite, I was told, “You can’t get there from here. You must start from the other side of the mountain!” In the same way, you cannot arrive at your life’s purpose by starting with a fucos on yourself. You must begin with God, your Creator. You exist only because God wills that you exist. You were made by God and for God–and until you understand that, life will never make sense. It is only in God that we discover our origin, our identity, our meaning, our purpose, our significance, and our destiny. Every other path leads to a dead end.
Many people try to use God for their own self-avtualization, but that is a reversal of nature and is doomed to failure. You were made for God, not vice versa, and life is about letting God use you for his purpose, not your using him for your own purpose. The Bible says, “Obsession with self in these matters si a dead end; attention to God leads us out into the open, into a spacious, free life.”
I have read many books that suggest ways to discover the purpose of my life. All of them could be classified as “self-help” books because they approach the subject from a self-centered viewpoint. Self-help books, even Christian ones, usually offer the same predictable steps to finding your life’s purpose: Consider your dreams. Clarify your values. Set some goals. Figure out what you are good at. Aim high. Go for it! Be disciplined. Believe you can achieve your goals. Involve others. Never give up.
Of course, these recommendations often lead to great success. You can usually succeed in reaching a goal if you put your mind to it. But being successful and fulfilling your life’s purpose are not at all the same issue! You could reach all your personal goals, becoming a raving success by the world’s standard, and still miss the purpose for which God created you. You need more than self-help advice. The Bible says, “Self-help is no help at all. Self sacrifice is the way, my way, to finding yourself, your true self.”

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September 24, 2007

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